Caribbean Stud Tips

The following Caribbean Stud tips will make you a more profitable Caribbean Stud player.

No set of tips can turn it into a beatable game over the long run, but these tips can still improve your odds. If your goal is to win money at Caribbean Stud, these tips will put you on the right path.

The most profitable move with any pair is to raise it up. No matter how big or small the pair is, the correct play is to raise with it. Even with pairs as low as 2-2, you stand to win more money in the long run by staying in with them rather than by folding. So remember: if you get a pair, stay in.

Sometimes you will have the best hand and other times the dealer will simply fail to qualify. This gives you a chance to at least win even money on your ante bet. The times you win will outnumber the times you lose over the long run.

The question of whether to raise or fold is the only strategic decision you have to make in Caribbean Stud. There are only four rules you have to memorize in Caribbean Stud strategy. If you take the time to memorize those four simple rules, you’ll be able to play a mathematically correct game every time you play.

If you follow that strategy every time, you will reduce the house advantage to 5.22%. Gamblers who play by the seat of their pants tend to lose a lot more than that over the course of a typical session. Your bankroll and your wallet will thank you if you apply a little strategy to your game.

Every player has the option to place a $1.00 side bet called the “progressive jackpot” bet. This bet qualifies you for special payouts if you end up with a strong hand. If you catch a Royal Flush, you’ll win the entire jackpot amount.

It sounds like a good bet until you see the house advantage. With a house advantage that hovers around 25%, this is the worst bet in the game. Unless the progressive jackpot is monstrous, the house advantage of this bet is just too high to make it worthwhile.

This tip works with any casino game. If you’re going to play Caribbean Stud for real money, you should only do so at a casino you can trust. Try to stick with big name casinos that are well known by gamblers. Those casinos are the safest, are time proven and have no incentive to steal a couple dollars from an individual gambler.

This applies equally to online and offline casinos. No matter where you gamble, you must trust the person running the games. If you can’t, there’s no point in even gambling in the first place. Resources such as casino reviews, player testimonials and gut instinct can all help you find the best casinos for Caribbean Stud.

A win limit locks in your wins on good days and a loss limit prevents you from losing too much on bad days. If you reach either limit during a session, make yourself stop and cash out now. You may not want to stop at the time, but you will be very glad you did later. Your wallet will be thicker than it would have been otherwise.

Remember – there is always another day at the casino. Don’t let your emotions control your actions. Use your willpower to quit when it’s time to quit. This ensures a healthy bankroll and healthy gambling habits.