Video Poker

Video Poker has been a part of the casino scene since the 1970s and it won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

Although video poker isn’t the most popular game in the casino, it has a lot of loyal fans who return time after time to try their luck at the machines. With one of the lowest house advantages in the casino, video poker is well worth learning.

If you’re new to video poker, it’s recommended that you begin with the basics and then proceed to game-specific strategy. The subject of “video poker” covers a lot of ground and includes many different video poker variants. However, getting started is easy because all video poker machines share a few basic qualities.

Video Poker Information

The first video poker machines hit casinos in the 1970s right around the time the first personal computers were developed. These early video poker machines were not very popular at first because many people assumed they were the same as slot machines: all luck and no skill.

Eventually, though, video poker started to grow in popularity. As people learned that the house advantage for video poker could be reduced to 0% with the right strategy, word of the game spread. At the same time, casual gamblers started to gravitate to video poker because it was less intimidating than traditional table card games.

Video poker also appeals to people who like poker but prefer a more anonymous experience. With video poker, it’s just you and the virtual dealer; there are no other players or dealers standing right there, watching you win and lose. This is a good thing for responsible gamblers but the lack of oversight/social pressure can be dangerous for those with gambling problems.

Serious gamblers enjoy the fast paced nature of video poker. Unlike other poker games, there is no waiting around for other players to make their decisions. It’s just you and a virtual dealer that can move as fast as you. You can take your time if you want or you can play many hands per hour.

The list of video poker variants has grown over the years and there are now dozens of different video poker games. Most are based on Five Card Draw poker with various changes to the rules. Deuces Wild, for example, makes all twos wild cards. A few video poker machines are based on Seven Card Stud poker instead.

Some video poker machines offer significant progressive jackpots. These video poker machines set aside a small percentage of their revenue and add it to the progressive jackpot pool. Sometimes multiple machines are linked together across multiple casinos, which results in progressive jackpots of massive proportions.