Online Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an old gambling game of Chinese origin in which the players wager on the outcome of three dice.

This game is especially popular among Asian gamblers and it can be found in most major casinos. The complex betting board with pictures of dice, dominoes and intricate decorations often gives gamblers the impression that Sic Bo is a difficult or confusing game. In all actuality, Sic Bo is a straightforward gambling game that anyone can learn in a matter of minutes.

Sic Bo can basically be considered China’s take on craps. In craps, the players wager on the outcome of two dice and in Sic Bo, the players wager on the outcome of three dice. Sic Bo is an intriguing game because there are so many betting options, with some bets paying out as high as 180 to 1.

Sic Bo Info

The history of Sic Bo is not well-recorded, but we do know that the game emerged from China centuries ago. It is believed to be a variant of an even older game in which working class Chinese citizens drew symbols on the sides of bricks and then gambled on how those bricks would land after being thrown in the air. Nobody knows if even this much is true, but that’s the most widely accepted history.

Sic Bo translates to “dice pair,” which suggests that at one point the game only used two dice. The game is also commonly called “Tai Sai” and “Dai Siu” or “big and small” and “hi-lo” in Asian casinos. As the game spread outward from China to the rest of the world, changes were made here and there until we finally ended up with the game that we now call “Sic Bo.”

If you have a chance to give Sic Bo a try, it’s worth doing so. It may look like a complicated game but it’s as simple as placing bets and watching the dice roll. There’s not much room for strategy or skillful play but there are a ton of betting options.

The house advantage varies wildly from one bet to another. Some bets have a house advantage of just 2.8% and others have an advantage of 19%. It is recommended that you visit our Sic Bo strategy page before you play for real money. The best bets will give you the best chances to end the night with more money than you started.

People have often tried to crack Sic Bo with various betting systems but the house advantage always remains. It’s not uncommon to run across people trying to sell “top secret” Sic Bo betting systems. These so-called systems are always scams and are not worth the paper they’re printed on.