Casino War

Casino War is a throwback to the old card game “War” that you may have played as a kid. It has the simplest rules in the casino and appeals to gamblers who want to sit back and have a relaxed gambling session.

Considering the simplicity of the game, the house advantage isn’t too terrible. At most casinos, you can expect to find a house advantage of about 2-3% in Casino War.

Casino War enjoys great popularity because of its simplicity. The game barely requires any preparation. In fact, many people are able to learn how to play Casino War by simply walking up to the Casino War table, placing a bet and following the dealer’s lead. This might not be the best game for in-depth strategy, but it’s a good one if you want to take it easy and pass a little time. Who knows, you might just win a little money while you’re at it.

Casino War Information

Don’t expect to do a lot of thinking when you play a game of Casino War. This is straight-up gambling in its purest form. Once you place your original wager, the rest of the hand plays itself. The only time you have to make a decision is when the first two cards result in a tie. In that case, you get to pick between forfeiting and going to war.

As is the case with all casino games, the house will always have a small advantage in the long run. You can use basic strategy to reduce that advantage, but Casino War isn’t exactly the most sophisticated game in the world. The best way to approach Casino War is to remember to always play within your bankroll, treat any losses as the cost of entertainment and treat any wins as extra gravy on top.

The tie bet in Casino War is a popular one because it offers a 10:1 payout. The catch is that the tie bet has a high house advantage (about 18%). If you want to preserve your money for as long as possible, the tie bet is best avoided. However, if you want to gamble it up and try for some big wins, the tie bet definitely fits that category.

Don’t let the speed of the game catch you off guard. Casino War is one of the fastest casino games you can play. This is especially true if you’re the only person at the table. A new hand can be dealt every few seconds so it’s easy to go on big streaks (in either direction) quickly. Of course, that’s a big part of the appeal of the game.

Casino War is a good game to try if you’re new to casino gambling and want to ease your way in. Some of the more complicated games like craps are intimidating in a live setting. Casino War, on the other hand, is probably the easiest game in the casino.