Craps Etiquette

Knowing the proper craps etiquette is just as important as knowing the rules themselves.

If you play craps on the computer, you really don’t need to worry about any kind of etiquette because you’re not playing with other people at the table. When you go to a live casino, however, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind. The craps table is one of the busiest parts of the casino so there are certain unwritten rules that help things run as smoothly as possible.

When you’re ready to join the game, place your money in front of you and ask the dealer for change. Ask nicely and don’t interrupt the dealer when you’re buying in. They have a very fast paced job.

Pay attention to the shooter and keep your hands out of the way of the dice. If the dice touch your hands, the other players at the table are going to blame you when the next roll is a 7.

Always be pleasant with the dealers. It’s easy to forget about them but remember that they’re just regular people trying to make a living.

Don’t handle the dice more than necessary before throwing them.

Remember that the dice must always be handled with only one hand at a time. This is a rule enforced by the casino for security purposes.

Keep the dice in open view at all times. If you move them away from the table or take them below the edge of the table, everyone will have to wait while the dealer gets new dice.

Do not place late bets. You’ll interrupt the game and possibly make a mess on the table with the dice and other bets.

When you throw the dice, make sure they bounce off the rubber pyramid at the end of the table.

It is widely considered bad luck to say the word “seven” out loud after the come out roll has been thrown. You can use the word “Big Red” instead.

Don’t forget to tip the dealers.

Be aware that if you place “don’t pass line” bets, you’ll be betting against most of the table. You might not be the most popular person at the table.

Some of these rules are based on manners and others are based on superstition but they’re all important. Even if you don’t believe in some of the superstitions that other players do, there’s nothing wrong in playing along with them and keeping the game light-hearted and fun. The entire purpose of going to the casino is to have fun and suspend reality for a few hours. So get out there and enjoy yourself!