Let Em Ride Tips

A few simple Let ‘Em Ride tips can take you a long ways in this classic casino game.

Let Em Ride has been studied extensively and the perfect strategy for the game has been determined. With the right Let Em Ride tips, anyone can reduce the house advantage significantly.

The optimal strategy for Let Em Ride is easy to learn and it reduces the house advantage to just 3.5%. If you plan on playing in a live casino, you may want to sit down and memorize the eight rules of Let Em Ride strategy. If you plan on playing online, you can simply print those rules out and tape them to the side of the monitor.

The progressive jackpot bet has a high house advantage unless the jackpot is unusually large. It may only cost $1.00 a pop, but at 35 hands an hour, that’s extra $35 an hour you’re spending on a high house advantage bet. Some people choose to play the jackpot bet anyways because they are willing to spend that money for a shot at a big payout.

Casinos usually have a limit on the maximum payout on a single hand. Make sure you note that payout cap and keep your bets sized so that you can receive full payouts for your winning hands. Large bets give the house an advantage because if you hit a strong hand, you aren’t able to collect your full payout.

Live casinos offer comps such as free meals and free rooms; online casinos offer cash bonuses. In either case, make sure you take advantage of those extra freebies. All casinos go to great lengths to rewards their loyal players and you can benefit significantly. If you have a few casinos in mind, find out which ones have the best comp programs / sign-up bonuses.

The most important Let Em Ride tip of all is to only gamble with money you can afford to lose. Gambling is not a scheme in which you invest money with the expectation of winning. Think of gambling as a form of entertainment that has a cost associated with it. It’s always nice to win, but you can’t count on always winning.

Before you hit the casino, set aside an amount of money you can afford to lose in a worst case scenario. Consider that money your gambling bankroll and play from there. Don’t bring your credit card or money that you need for groceries. Even if you use all these Let ‘Em Ride tips, there are no guarantees that you will come out ahead.

On a more positive note, the low house advantage of Let ‘Em Ride makes it a great game for money-conscious gamblers. With the right strategy, Let ‘Em Ride is one of the better games in the casino for the player. Although there are no guarantees, Let ‘Em Ride can prove to be a profitable game on a good day.