Video Poker Tips

The video poker tips listed here can be applied to all video poker variants.

There are dozens of video poker variations out there, each with its own strategy, but these video poker tips are intended to cover all forms of video poker. With the right strategy, video poker is one of the best games in the casino.

Video poker has been studied so extensively that the optimal strategy for each video poker variant has been identified. Whether you play Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better, there is an optimal strategy out there somewhere. Learn how to apply that strategy to your game of choice and you will become a much more profitable video poker player.

Video poker machines give special payout bonuses when the maximum number of coins are wagered. In most video poker games, the payout for royal flushes increases by more than the regular interval when you wager the maximum number of coins. For the lowest house advantage, you should wager the maximum number of coins every time.

Video poker is a great game in the long run but it can be volatile in the short term. Don’t be surprised if you see a mixture of big winning sessions and big losing sessions when playing. Much of your return in video poker is a result of hitting the occasional royal flush. This won’t happen often, of course, but it does happen if you play enough.

Even if you are good enough to earn a positive return from video poker, you have to be ready to experience brutal ups and downs. It’s just like playing regular poker: you can expect to see a profit in the long run but shouldn’t be surprised by downswings in the short term.

The lesson we should take away from video poker tip #3 is that a big bankroll is in order. If you want to survive the inevitable ups and downs of video poker, it is important that your bets be small in comparison to the size of your bankroll. The extra cushion of a large bankroll will help you make it through downswings that would put other players out of the game for good.

The exact size of your bankroll comes down to personal choice. The larger your bankroll is, the lower your risk of ruin. Much of it depends on your goals for the game. If you want to become a professional video poker player, you will need a much larger bankroll than someone who just wants to have a little fun. Keep that all in mind and adjust your bankroll accordingly.

No matter how serious or casual you are, a good idea is to set a cap on your daily losses. If you ever go on a bad streak and hit your loss limit, you should quit and do something else. The most destructive thing a video poker player can do is throw more money away by chasing losses.

Difference casinos often have different pay tables for the same game. Check the pay tables for your favorite video poker games and play at the casinos that offer the best payouts. There’s no need to settle for paltry payouts when there are so many casinos to choose from.

VIP clubs are great for video poker players because the game moves at such a fast pace. Make sure you join the VIP club and get credit for all your play at the video poker machines. A good video poker player can play 300 or more hands per hour and rack up those comp points very quickly. If you play at a live casino, make sure you don’t take advantage of too many free drinks. An intoxicated video poker player is great for the casino’s bottom line.