The State Commission on Gambling in Bulgaria.

In Bulgaria, gambling is regulated by the State Commission on Gambling.  This commission is under the supervision of the Minister of Finance and the State Gambling Commission.  The State Commission on Gambling is made up of a chairman as well as 4 other members that have at least 5 years of experience in the industry.  The Minister of Finance is responsible for appointing the chairman and the other commission members.  These members must be citizens of Bulgaria with high professional and moral qualities.  In addition, those that have been imprisoned for a premeditated crime cannot serve on the commission. 

Employees and members of the State Commission on Gambling cannot indirectly or directly enter into economic relations or transactions with gambling operators, manufacturers, importers or distributors that deal with gambling.  In addition, commission members cannot participate in organizations associated with gambling and they cannot participate or establish non-profit organizations that rely on gambling. 

The State Gambling Commission is responsible for a number of duties which are outlined in the Gambling Act.  These duties include:

  • Surveys and inspections that are requested in writing by gambling game organizers and other activities that require licensing under the Gambling Act
  • Inspections at sites where organized gambling is taking place without licensing
  • Checks for current licensing and compliance with the latest legislation that outlines rules and regulations for gambling operators
  • Resolving complaints and inquiries
  • Checks for the proper disposal of unused lottery tickets – disposal must be in accordance with the procedures and conditions that have been created by legislation to ensure fairness
  • Oversee all lottery activities including lottery drawings to ensure fairness