Colijuegos – ensuring safety in the Colombia gambling industry.

Colijuegos is a Colombian authority that regulates gambling in the country.  The goal of this authority is to ensure sustained earnings from gambling so those earnings can be used to improve public health for Colombian citizens.  Colijuegos is involved in developing the market so that it is more profitable to operators as well as the country.  This authority works hard to provide better information in regards to productivity so that better public policies for gambling can be created.  In addition, Colijuegos seeks to modernize the market with enhanced technology and new games while cracking down on illegal gambling. 

Colijuegos is responsible for overseeing approximately 400 contracts for localized games – most of which are with casinos.  In addition, Colijuegos works with almost 3,000 gambling halls and over 300 councils.  Novelties and localized games generate 49% of the gambling revenue for the state and the other revenue is generated by the sale of chance and lottery games. 

In Colombia, bingo halls and casinos are not as popular as other types of games. This is likely due to the fact that many of these locations are not modernized.  Territorial games such as chance and lotteries are popular in Colombia.  However, Colijuegos places a lot of importance on the oversight of these games.  This means that Colijuegos will only provide licensing for operators that comply with all laws and regulations.  This helps guarantee the games are fair and that the state will receive revenue from those games. 

The gambling atmosphere in Colombia is concentrated on lotteries and other localized games which means there is room for improvement by adding new games and modernizing gambling facilities.