Learn how gambling regulations are created in Delaware!

The Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement is the regulatory authority that is involved with licensing and regulating gambling activities in the state of Delaware.  The mission of this enforcement agency is to ensure the safety and integrity of the gaming industry of the state. 

The Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement accomplishes its mission by identifying ethical, professional and contemporary enforcement initiatives.  The DGE was established on a 3-prong structure including Intelligence, Criminal Enforcement/Investigations and Vendor/Applicant Background Investigations.  These three components work together to offer a comprehensive and complete approach to ensuring the safety and integrity of the Delaware gaming industry:

  • Vendor/Applicant Background Investigations: The DGE performs background investigations on vendors and applications involved in the gaming industry.  These background checks are done to limit the exposure that Delaware has to individuals and organizations that use gambling to promote criminal or nefarious activities.  The DGE thoroughly investigates casinos and all of their employees.
  • Intelligence: Intelligence is another important component of the DGE.  The DGE works hard to gather important information based on a variety of sources while developing plans to facilitate efficient and effective policing activities. 
  • Criminal Investigations and Enforcement: The DGE has a task force that is made up of police officers and law enforcement agents from the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement and the Delaware State Police.  This type of task force allows the DGE to limit or expand this division as needed.  This task force is made up of many individuals that have specializations in different backgrounds.  This means that every investigation is conducted with a wide range of expertise.  These investigations also help maintain the integrity of the gaming industry in Delaware.