Get insight into Iowa’s gambling laws and regulations!

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission is responsible for regulating horse and dog racing as well as riverboat gambling in the state of Iowa.  This commission works to protect the integrity of the gaming industries in Iowa while maintaining public confidence in those industries by protecting players and preventing criminal activity.  The members of this commission are appointed by the Governor of Iowa.  One of the duties of the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission performs is to investigate the eligibility of those that apply for a gaming license in the state.  The commission provides licenses to applicants that have shown they can provide the most benefits to the citizens of Iowa. 

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission creates standards for licensing in the gambling and racing industries in the state.  In addition, this commission ensures that all race facilities and meetings meet the standards set by the commission.  The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission has also created standards of licensing and operation for excursion gambling boats.  The funding for the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission is provided by the Iowa General Assembly.  It is reimbursed to the State’s General Fund through admission and license fees that applicants must pay.   

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission holds regular meetings to discuss the current issues of the gaming industry in Iowa.  In addition, this commission creates regulations for any new gambling legislation that is passed by the government of Iowa.  This commission is also responsible for ensuring that the tax revenue that is collected from gambling in the state is used to improve goods and services for the citizens of Iowa.