Get the specifics on gambling regulations in Lithuania.

The gambling laws in Lithuania are not very clear in terms of online gambling.  However, the lack of laws has not stopped the government of Lithuania from creating its own lottery company known as Olifeja.  This company is the only online gambling services provider in the country except for sports betting.  Online sports betting providers in Lithuania include Omnibet, Orakula and Topsport. 

In 2014 Lithuania created and submitted legislation to the European Commission for approval.  This legislation would establish specific and modern online gaming laws.  With this legislation, private and public companies in Lithuania would be able to offer online gambling services.  The European Commission has not yet ruled on this legislation but it is expected to be ruled on sometime in 2014.  This law specifically states that companies can apply for online gaming licenses as long as their share capital is a minimum of 4 million litas which is approximately £1 million.  Additionally, this legislation also created regulations and enforcement laws that will be used to prosecute illegal operators while providing requirements for software and other technical aspects of online gaming. 

In 2011, a case against the telephone company TEO was submitted by the Lithuania Gambling Regulator.  The Lithuania Gambling Regulator ordered TEO to block access to all international poker rooms, sports books, online bingo rooms and online casinos.  However, TEO did not agree to implement this block stating that it believed it to be censorship.  The Vilnius City Court’s ruling was that TEO did not have to block websites which were on networks that were not controlled or owned by TEO.