Check out the changes in the gambling industry in Manitoba.

Recently, a new authority has been created that regulates gambling and liquor in Manitoba called the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba or LGA.  This new authority has been created to bring the regulation of gambling and liquor under a single authority so it is more effective and more efficient.  The changes that have been incorporated with this new authority include:

  • More flexibility to liquor license regulations
  • Reduced number of liquor licenses from 12 to 3
  • Eliminated the Liquor Board in order to increase licensing and hearing processes
  • Increase policing powers and public safety
  • Support small venues that host live music
  • Improve citizen input and public notices in regards to community concerns and liquor applications

The LGA not only handles liquor licenses but also ensures the safety and security of casinos in the province.  This authority is tasked with ensuring that all rules are followed and that prizes are paid out fairly.  The games that are available at casinos must first be approved by the LGA.  In addition, gaming equipment like bingo paper, playing cards, table layouts and casino chips must pass tests to ensure their honesty, accountability and safety. 

There are a wide range of different games that are available for play at casinos in Manitoba.  In addition, there are a variety of different types of equipment that are also available. This means that regulations regarding gaming integrity cannot be based on one set of principles.  Instead, the LGA has created specific standards for each type of game and its equipment, based on the important elements of that game to ensure that every casino game meets the necessary standards.