Check out the gambling regulations in the state of Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission is responsible for regulating and licensing operators in the gambling industry in Massachusetts.  The mission of this commission is to create a transparent, participatory and fair process of implementing gaming laws while ensuring compliance. 

This mission seeks to ensure that regulatory and decision-making systems can be confided in by participants and the public.  In addition, this commission wants to provide the best possible economic development using gambling revenue for the state of Massachusetts.  The commission also believes that it is important to reduce any unintended or negative consequences of gaming legislation and allow a fair return on investment for gaming providers.  The commission strives for these principles in order to ensure the highest quality operation of casino resorts in the state. 

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission adheres to the following core values:

  • Commitment to fair and transparent processes that foster participation.
  • An environment with an open exchange of ideas where everyone is encouraged to participate and question current standards in order to implement better, more effective decisions in regards to regulation.
  • A commitment to the integrity and importance of the regulatory and licensing process as well as an adherence to the Enhanced Code of Ethics.  In addition, this commission values a balance between the need and importance of strict regulation with the burden of complying with those strict regulations. 
  • A strong commitment to customer service in order to ensure a professional and respectful experience for everyone that comes into contact with the commission regarding their view or role.
  • A diverse supplier base and workforce as well as an inclusive culture among all of the partners in the Massachusetts gaming industry.