The Michigan Gaming Control Board is committed to integrity.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) ensures that gambling activities in the state of Michigan are conducted in an honest and fair environment while ensuring that players are protected.  This control board regulates and licenses commercial casinos located in Detroit as well as their employees and suppliers.  In addition, the Michigan Gaming Control Board regulates horse racing and oversees Native American casinos in Michigan. 

Proposal E was approved by voters in November of 2006.  This proposal authorized the licensing of three casinos that were going to be built in Detroit.  Later this proposal was strengthened and improved before it was signed into law which was called the Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act.  The Governor of Michigan authorized Executive Order 45 in January of 2012. This law directs the authority, functions, duties and powers of the Office of Racing Commissioner to the Michigan Gaming Control Board under the supervision of the Executive Director. 

Governor Snyder signed Executive Order 2012-4 on April 11th, 2012 which created better regulations for specific charitable games.  The Executive Order took regulation away from the Charitable Gaming Commission and gave all of the regulatory authority for charitable games to the Michigan Gaming Control Board.  The regulation of other types of charitable games like raffles and bingo are still regulated by the same authority that regulates the lottery.

Because Native American tribes are considered sovereign, the state of Michigan does not have a specific regulatory authority that oversees Native American casinos.  However, the state does have some oversight in terms of compliance based on the State-Tribal Compact laws.  The National Indian Gaming Commission as well as the government of that particular tribe regulates Native American casinos.