Learn about the charitable gambling laws in Mississippi.

The Mississippi Gaming Commission or MGC is Mississippi’s regulatory body for charitable gambling in the state.  The objective of the Mississippi Gaming Commission is to ensure compliance with the Gaming Control Act as well as the Charitable Gaming laws of Mississippi.  This commission enforces and establishes regulations based on these laws to protect the integrity of charitable gambling in the state. 

In addition, the Mississippi Gaming Commission works hard to ensure that the public is confident about charitable gaming as well as the casino gaming that is conducted in the state.  This commission works with international, county, national, local and state law enforcement and regulatory industries to create a safe gambling environment with zero crime.  The Mississippi Gaming Commission also contributes to the state’s economic development by providing higher quality services to the citizens of Mississippi. 

As stated, the Mississippi Gaming Commission works to ensure the integrity of the gambling industry in the state.  From inception, this commission worked to create a fair and robust regulatory system during the ‘Mississippi Miracle’.  The ‘Mississippi Miracle’ changed the state from a quiet river and coastal state to one of the leading gaming destinations in the United States. 

The Mississippi Gaming Commission has also responded to and aided the state’s recovery from disasters like the Gulf oil spill, the Mississippi River Flood in 2011 and Hurricane Katrina.  The Mississippi Gaming Commission is prepared for the future because it has created a solid foundation and has gained tremendous experience over the years.  Today, it remains one of the leading regulatory authorities in the United States.  With this commission, the citizens of Mississippi can rest assured that their gambling environment is safe and fair.