Find out more about gambling regulations in this small European nation.

Montenegro is one of the smallest nations in Europe with a size of 14,000 square kilometers.  This country is located on the Adriatic Sea and was part of Yugoslavia from 1918 until 2006 – the year it declared its independence.  Montenegro is one of the most stable countries in the region in terms of politics and it is located in the middle of the Mediterranean.  This makes Montenegro an invaluable member of the EU, and owing to its location it is the perfect gateway to Europe.

Montenegro encourages and fosters the development of foreign businesses and foreign investments including online gambling and land-based gambling.  This government is committed to creating a solid regulatory presence that can help support a number of benefits for businesses. 

While Montenegro is a fairly young country, it is one of the leaders in the EU in terms of standards since becoming independent.  In October of 2011, the government of Montenegro announced that online gaming was legal in the country.  Montenegro began issuing and approving online gambling licenses as well as licensing for online gambling hosting and financial services in January of 2012.

The government of Montenegro has since adopted EU legislation that was designed for online gambling with the goal of protecting players.  The gambling laws and regulations have been changed so that regulatory controls and licensing are more responsive to the gambling industry in Montenegro.  The government, along with the private sector, works diligently to ensure that Montenegro has a developed infrastructure that supports all services needed in the gambling industry.  The EU approves and commends the gambling laws in Montenegro.