Find out about gambling licensing in Panama.

The Avia and Slogold Group in Panama provides onshore and offshore corporations with assistance with bank accounts, gambling licenses and other similar services to clients all over the world.  This group has managed, incorporated and structured more than 5,000 companies in areas with low or no tax jurisdictions.  These countries are all economically, legally and politically stable.  Avia and Slogold helps gambling operators and other companies incorporate administration, maintenance, accounting and organizational services.  This is accomplished with qualified professionals in the relevant jurisdictions. 

This group specializes in arranging legal and suitable offshore structure for businesses including offshore foundations, offshore trusts, offshore companies, offshore licenses, offshore insurance and offshore bank accounts.  Avia and Slogold is committed to confidentiality, privacy and security and always provides financial and legal intermediaries to complement local advisors. 

Avia and Slogold is a multinational company that is privately owned and based in Costa Rica and Panama.  This company represents many firms with specialties in insurance, banking, finance, corporate advisory services, acquisitions, mergers, venture capital and company establishment.  This group was formed by professionals who have a great deal of experience through their work with foreign banks and firms. 

Avia and Slogold offer professional advisory services to a wide range of different companies including those in the gambling industry.  Gambling operators can use the services at Avia and Slogold to apply for proper licensing.  In addition, this company can also help gambling operators set up their business in various jurisdictions around the world while also setting up the proper bank accounts.  Avia and Slogold can also help gambling operators meet the standards set by gambling laws and regulations.