South Dakota

Learn more about the South Dakota Commission on Gaming.

The South Dakota Commission on Gaming is a 5-member gaming commission for the state of South Dakota.  The members that serve on this commission are citizens of the state and all of the members are appointed by the Governor of South Dakota.  This commission creates and enforces regulations in regards to gambling in South Dakota.  The gambling in the state is limited but it is allowed at a certain level.

The South Dakota Commission on Gaming is made up of two different divisions which are Operations and Enforcement.  The Enforcement Division has one supervisor called the Director of Enforcement.  In addition, this division consists of 5 law enforcement officers including the director.  This division conducts criminal investigations and background checks that relate to gambling in the state of South Dakota. 

The Operations Division is supervised by the Director of Operations which is generally the same official that acts as the Director of Enforcement.  The Operations Division is made up of one Operations manager, one system specialist, one gambling technology specialist and three auditors.  The Operations division is responsible for ensuring that gambling operators in the state of South Dakota are compliant with all laws and regulations. 

In addition, this division conducts regular audits of casinos in the city of Deadwood to verify their revenue.  The Operations Division is also in charge of inspecting slot machines to ensure they are fair and meet all laws and regulations.  Finally, the Operations Division collects all statistical data in regards to the racing activity as well as gambling activity within the jurisdiction of South Dakota.  This data is used by the commission to analyze gambling behavior and other important information.