South Korea

The National Gambling Control Commission ensures quality and fairness.

The National Gambling Control Commission is a regulatory authority in South Korea that oversees the gambling industry in the country.  This commission seeks to promote a healthy and transparent gaming atmosphere for citizens and tourists.  The National Gambling Control Commission supervises, regulates and controls the gambling industry and puts a priority on its policies dealing with prevention of underage gambling.  This commission is independent and is not influenced by politics or other outside forces.  The commission works hard to prevent gambling addiction and to treat gambling addiction if it occurs.  In addition, this commission is devoted to controlling speculative behaviour while eliminating illegal and criminal elements from the gambling industry. 

The National Gambling Control Commission has a variety of duties that are designed to enhance the gambling industry while protecting citizens and preventing criminal activity.  The specific duties of this gambling commission include:

  • Comprehensive supervision and control over the gambling industry within the jurisdiction of South Korea
  • Creating and implementing effective and complete plans to establish a thriving and healthy gambling industry
  • Adjusting, recommending and discussing issues that deal with the volume and size of the gambling industry
  • Recommending and changing the limits on betting amounts for lotteries, cycle racing, boat racing and horse racing
  • Learning more about the gambling industry in South Korea by recommending correction orders and field studies
  • Creating measures that will help prevent gambling addiction while creating facilities to treat gambling addictions
  • Conducting thorough research, assessments and investigation into the gambling industry as well as the operators in the gambling industry
  • Implementing and creating education as well as PR programs for the gambling industry so that the public will be more informed