Find out more about gambling regulations in Switzerland.

The Federal Gaming Board or FGB is the regulatory authority in Switzerland that oversees the gambling industry.  The Federal Gaming Board monitors gambling operators to ensure they are compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.  This regulatory authority is an independent board and the members of this board are assigned to their positions by the Federal Council and Federal Department of Justice and Police. 

According to the laws in Switzerland the market is divided into games of chance such as casino games and lottery games.  Casino games are required to comply with the laws known as Federal Games of Chance and Casinos Act while lotteries are governed through a law called Federal Lotteries and Commercial Betting Act. 

The authority that ensures compliance for lotteries and betting is the Lotteries and Betting Section which is part of the Federal Office of Justice.  Casinos are primarily overseen by the Swiss Casino Commission.  In addition, the Swiss Casino Commission enforces all aspects of the Casino Act.  The Lotteries and Betting Act is responsible for outlining the requirements for enforcement and also evaluates judgments, provides opinions to authorities and courts and responds to inquiries from authorities and the public. 

The Lotteries and Commercial Bet Act was passed in 1923 and is responsible for the laws and regulations that deal with two specific types of chance-based gambling activities.  These include betting and lotteries.  There is also a third type of lottery which is known as premium bonds or mixed lotteries but it has not been offered for several years.  There is also a special section in this Act that deals with prize draws and public competitions.