Roulette Tips

Roulette is a gambling game that has enticed gamblers to try their luck since the 1700s.

Out of all the roulette tips and tricks that have been tested over the years, only a few stand out as having any significant effect on the outcome of the game. In pure gambling games like roulette, it’s difficult to apply any type of advanced strategy to the game. However, a few simple roulette tips can make a difference in your bottom line.

Most casinos have two different types of roulette tables: European and American. Any time you have the choice, you should play at European-style roulette tables. The only difference between the two games is that European roulette has a single zero spot while American roulette has two zero spots.

The extra zero spot in American roulette results in a house advantage that is twice as high as European roulette. When you play American roulette, you can expect a house advantage of about 5.26%. The house advantage of European roulette is a much better 2.7%.

The basket bet is only available in American roulette. This bet should be avoided at all times because it has a much higher house advantage than all the other bets. It’s a popular bet among casual roulette gamblers, but it has a house advantage of 7.89%. That makes it a sucker’s bet.

The “en prison” and “surrender” rules give you a chance to win back half your bet on even-money bets if the ball lands on zero. These rules cut the house advantage on even-money bets to half what it normally is.

Roulette is often targeted by scammers selling “guaranteed” betting systems. Don’t waste your time or money on these rip-offs. Roulette is a perfectly random game and there’s no betting system that changes the basic rules of the game. The only way to win at roulette over the long run is to be the owner of the casino.

Don’t waste your time tracking previous spins and recording the results. The roulette ball is as much a victim of chance as your own bets. Even if the ball lands on black five times in a row, it is still equally likely to land on black or red on the sixth spin. The roulette ball doesn’t remember where it landed last and it cannot choose where it wants to land on the next spin.

You can place more than one bet at a time on the roulette wheel. Feel free to experiment with your bets to get the most bang for your buck. One popular strategy is to place single number bets in combination with hedge bets.

For example, a player may place a few single number bets on odd numbers and then put some money on even. The goal here is to stay in the game long enough so that you have a chance to hit the straight up bet for a big win. This betting strategy doesn’t change the odds of the game, but it is fun to use.

At casinos that offer sign-up bonuses, you need to read the fine print before you play roulette. Some casinos do not let roulette wagers count towards the wagering requirements of their signup bonuses. If you plan on playing a lot of roulette at your next casino, check out the terms and conditions first.

This is a common sense roulette tip that serves more as protection than anything else. The vast majority of casinos are honest places to play, but it still doesn’t hurt to only play at well-known casinos. There’s no point in playing at some no-name casino when there are so many established, reputable casinos to choose from.

Roulette should never be a stressful or negative experience. If you start to feel nervous or desperate, it probably means you are risking more money than you should be. The best strategy in roulette is to only bring with you an amount of money you can live without should you lose it all. If you keep your bets small, you can play for a long time with minimal risk of going broke.

If you jump off to a good start in roulette, consider pocketing your original bankroll and only playing with your winnings. In this manner, you guarantee a break-even day no matter what happens. In the best case scenario, you leave the casino with a big wad of extra cash.