Sic Bo Tips

Sic Bo is a gambling game like all the others in the casino, but there are still certain Sic Bo tips that can be used to increase your advantage.

The goal in Sic Bo is to correctly guess the outcome of each roll of the dice. Many bets are available and each bet has its own payout rules and house advantage. There’s no way to predict where the dice will land, but it is possible to use a few Sic Bo tips to know which bets are the best and how to squeeze every last bit of advantage out of the game.

This is the primary tip we offer to all new Sic Bo players. The house advantage in Sic Bo varies widely depending on which bets are placed. If you want the lowest possible house advantage, stick with the following bets:





The other bets in Sic Bo may offer higher payouts but they have much higher house advantages. Pick the wrong bet in Sic Bo and you might give up nearly 20% in house advantage.

The bets that have the highest payouts in Sic Bo tend to also have the highest house advantage. If you still want to place those bets, the best strategy is to place small bets so you don’t give as much back to the casino. Plus, those small bets can turn into big money when successful.

Different casinos offer different payouts for some Sic Bo bets. Before you wager, check to see how the payouts look. If you have a few options for casinos, the wisest move is to find the casino that offers the best payouts and play there.

Betting systems look good on paper but they don’t work in real life. There’s nothing wrong with using a betting system, but it doesn’t change your odds of winning. Whatever you do, never pay for a Sic Bo betting system. It’s a rip off and it doesn’t work. Betting systems only change how you place your bets; they don’t change the odds of the dice landing on specific combinations and they don’t change the payouts.

Before you visit the casino, plan on how much money you want to wager. Take only that money with you and leave everything else at home. To prepare for the worst and hope for the best is the single best piece of gambling advice in the world. No matter what happens, you want to be able to leave the casino with a smile on your face and memories of fun times.

Remember that the point of gambling is to have fun. If you’re not having fun at the Sic Bo table, it’s likely because you have become too focused on the money. If you plan your betting limits in advance, you won’t have to make those decisions in the heat of the moment.

Casinos value Sic Bo players because the game moves at a quick pace and many of the bets have a high house advantage. In both live casinos and online casinos, make sure you claim your comps and bonuses. Those free meals and cash bonuses help make you a more profitable Sic Bo player.